No More Coopers

by Tim Conner
(Warren, Indiana)

I replaced my oem Goodyear Fortera HL (08 Enclave P25565R18)with the Cooper CS4 Touring back on 9/11/10 and after 30500 miles they are gone. Chopped up and noisy is the best way to describe them. I drive a lot of highway miles and these tire are driving me crazy. At least the origional Goodyears lasted 59100 before they started acting the same way, and I wasn't all that impressed with them. I have always rotated my tires every 2 oil changes and keep up on the tire pressures myself. I also have always purchased either Cooper or Mastercraft for all of my replacement tires. So here I am looking to spend $800 plus for new tires after less than 2 years. I recommend that you look at other brands before putting Coopers on your suv and wasting your hard earned money.

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