Not as good as Cooper CS4's

by Jack
(Ft. Collins, CO)

I read a lot of reviews on Michelin Latitude's that talked about how they got noisy. I have nearly 30K miles on my Latitudes and they are just as quiet as the day I bought them. I love Michelin and have owned a lot of sets of Michelin tires. The one place I found that they shine is when I'm in snowy street conditions.

For around town (drier weather) I recently purchased the Cooper CS4's. I do have to admit that the reviews on how smooth and quiet the CS4's are true. We got a great deal on them from Sears Tires and love them just as much.

So I guess this is a thumbs up review for both the Michelin Latitude and the Cooper CS4, but for comfort I think the CS4 has a slight edge.

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