Not completely satisfied with Latitude Tour HP tire

by Virgil Britt
(Montgomery, Texas, USA)

I have a 2012 Honda Crosstour that came with Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires on it. Currently I have 34,000 miles on the vehicle and when I measure the tread with a quarter my best guess is that the tires have 4/32 tread or better left on the tires.

I have rotated the tires approximately every 10,000 or so miles and the tires are evenly worn with no cups or dished out areas on either edge of the tires. The problem that I have with this tire is excessive road noise. I am really puzzled why some people are having the same problem with the tires that I am having and yet other people claim that the tire is very quiet.

The road noise became objectionable around 25,000 miles and has continued to be objectionable. It is so objectionable that I am considering replacing the tires even though they still have enough tread left on them to last at least another year or two.

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