Rip off

Called to get a quote for tires from big o tires told them what kind of vehicle I had and what size tires I needed I was quoted a price of five hundred and about seventy dollars when I got there I notice the tires they were about to use were smaller than the tires I had I asked why and they said I had all terrain tires and the ones they quoted were all season I told them I wanted what I had on my truck they showed me a tire and said this is what we have the cost was now nine hundred and seventy three dollars it was big o brand so I thought thats all they had I asked did that include my alignment as well because my last quote included my alignment they said no so now were talking over a thousand dollars for four tires and an alignment after I agreed and paid my bill I see ive been charged extra to balance and mount tires ,disposal of old tires and supplies they use to do the job I questioned the extra charges and was told this is the practices at all their competitors and they were still cheaper then the rest I felt all of that should of been included with the purchase of four new tires but being this was my first time buying tires I went for it. Then my girlfriend tells me she got tires all terrain same size as mine 265 70 17 for five hundred and sixty one dollars with a free alignment I was shocked and felt ripped off so I call to see if big o did a price match and they said yes on comparable tires but their brand is not one because they only sell their brand I asked why is their brand so much more and was told their brand is a premium tire with no basis on how they are considered such or by what national standard this was determined. BIG O TIRES IS A RIP OFF and they take advantage of people that are unaware . Totally pissed and will never buy tires from them again. Feeling taking advantage of.

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