Road Noise

by Ghi Boissevain

In February 2013, I had 4 Michelin LTX M/S 2 All Season tires installed.

I have used Michelin Tires for almost 40 years. We grew up on Michelin tires when I was a youngster. That is all my dad would put on his cars.

I love the new tires that I purchased. They were nice and quiet and the usual comfort of Michelin tires.

Since the install I have put 50000 miles on these tires and they show normal wear. However the road noise is increasingly getting worse. I have never had road noise with Michelins. Tires have been rotated & balanced regularly, but the noise is getting worse. Does anyone have a answer for me?

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Jun 26, 2015
watch out for dry rot NEW
by: Anonymous

Living in a cooler climate you might not have this issue, but watch out for dry rot and sidewall cracking. My MS2's are 3 years old and dry rotted @ 22,000 miles. I live in Las Vegas. Also, my tires sing loudly on concrete, and have from day one of getting MS2's.

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