Rotate, Rotate, Rotate!

by Richard Bennett
(Etna, California, USA)

I've read a few reviews that complain about the mileage, but they don't say how ofter they Rotate their tires. I have to admit that I'm a little anal about rotating my tires.

Every second oil change I rotate my Cooper STT's thats between seven to eight thousand miles. I put these on about two months after I bought my 2005 Chevy K1500 truck. I now have almost 68,000 miles on them. I do go off road once in a while, not every weekend like some of the reviews I read. They haven't failed to get me in and out. They are great in deep snow, not bad in packed snow, great on the highway.

I live in a small valley in Northern California, and just about anywhere I have to go I have drive over a mountain pass. I can go around the turns with complete confidence, weather on dry or wet pavement. Now I do admit that I might have waited just a little too long to replace these tires as winter is here and I don't have much tread left. Ok no tread left, I keep waiting for them to go on sale but so far they are holding there prices.

I may try a set of the Cooper A/T3 this time around. Why you ask, well I've read a lot of good reports about them, watched some Youtube video's about them. But I really like the way they look on my truck. My only advice if you buy a set of Cooper STT, Rotate, Rotate, Rotate and check the tire pressure, I have found that 50 lbs psi unloaded and if I have to carry something really heavy I'll jack the pressure up to 80 lbs psi. You take care of these tires and they will take care of you...

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