A Better Concept in RV Trailer Tires?

Do Michelin XRV Tires Hold up to Unbiased Tire Reviews

RV travel can be an exciting way to enjoy your retirement. Purchasing the right RV trailer tires is an essential way to prepare your vehicle for weeks or months on the road.

Indeed, buying the right tires is an area where you do not want to skimp on quality and price.  Having a blowout on the road with a couple tons of weight can be devastating on a trip.  Finding someone to repair or replace damaged RV trailer tires can also be quite difficult.


A New Option in RV Tires

Michelin XRV tires are replacing dual models that are no longer necessary with the ability to pack the same amount of stability into one tire.  Once necessary for the load-bearing weight factor, this weight capacity has now been surpassed by Michelin XRV tires. 

One drawback for existing RV owners is the fact that their current tires exist on a smaller wheel so a larger rim is necessary when replacing with Michelin XRV tires. This adds to the price on moving to the XRV's.


So what's the advantage with Michelin XRV Tires?

Michelin XRV Tires"RV trailer tires need to have a stable tread that offers low heat for durability and improved handling.  Michelin XRV tires use a cool running compound that guarantees a lower heat temperature, keeping them from burning as much tread as competitors. 

Traction on wet pavement is also a concern of RV trailer tires when driving through rain or sleet.  What's different about these tires is the wide ‘see through' grooves that are said to help in draining moisture from the tread... and letting them hold on to the road.


Weight Means Money

The weight of double tires adds a power drain to the engine and in turn, burns more gas.  This increases your fuel usage compared to a lighter weight from one large tire as you find in the Michelin XRV. 

A trip across the country with an increased weight of 50 -100 pounds (per tire) on your vehicle can add hundreds of dollars in fuel costs over time.  Multi-siping is also a feature on these tires that balance out wear.


Cost Comparison

Compared to other RV trailer tires, the Michelin XRV 240/70r/19.5 LHF can run between $280-$350, installed.  A Goodyear G670 rv of the same size may cost $290-$360, installed.  The main 'ouch' will be the investment for new wheels to hold the XRV's.

Some RV owners have said that they have had problems in finding facilities that can install Michelin XRV tires because of the size, but many tire stores will have this capability. 

Another feature to consider is the warranty.  While Goodyear offers a four-year warranty on their RV tires, Michelin's warranty runs five years.


Customer Reviews

The reviews of the XRV's seem mixed depending on what owners are used to.  There have been reports of zipper blowouts on these tires. There are not a ton of reports that I could find on this, but I felt it was justified to mention.

Most reviews on the Michelin XRV's are very good, and suggest very good quality, ride and durability. Overall, Michelin RV trailer tires appear to provide a longer life of seven to ten years compared to other competitors of four to six years.


Testing on Michelin X One XRV's

RV dealers and customers have been testing different types of RV tires to be able to make an educated determination on quality and safety versus costs.  While Goodrich, Goodyear and Firestone offer tires of compatible durability, Michelin XRV tires held the road better and provided a smoother ride.  The wide and deep tread that is made from a compound that reduces warming is credited for this fact.


Customer Satisfaction

One noticeable drawback in comments from owners is the lack of support that Michelin seems to provide. Although Michelin RV tires have a five year warranty against workmanship and inferiority, online reviews state that manufacturing representatives seem less than willing to take responsibility for any fault caused by their product. 

Michelin continues to be held in high regard for quality products and the Michelin XRV tires are no different.  However, RV trailer tires cater to a much different type of customer than heavy vehicles and automobiles. 

Providing a quality product and good customer service could create a much more positive view of the Michelin XRV even when there are a few faulty RV trailer tires that do fall through the cracks.

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