Sears Auto

by Anthony
(Kingston NY)

I purchased a set of 4 size 185-75-14 during summer 2012 for a Pontiac Grand Am. After only 4000 mi. (yes! 4000) the tires are 50% worn.Now they have a wobble that makes them seem out of balance. Even though they are in balance (have the lifetime balance) they still wobble most likely due to a structural issue. 90% of use is highway driving. There is no front end issues at all. I generally drive the posted speed limit which seems to annoy many of you. I'm not into fast driving. I absolutely would not recommend these tires at all. As for Sears I wouldn't even recommend them as a place to spend your money. I purchased a set of Michelin from there and on the back of the receipt in the warranty section it clearly stated that if the tires crack prior to 4 years sears will replace them for the first 25% of tread wear and pro-rate them after that. With only 1/32 tread worn off (they still had 9/32) they began to crack after 3 years. When I returned to Sears they flat out refused to replace them claiming the cracking was cosmetic. I didn't care what it was being the receipt clearly stated cracking which in my opinion includes any kind of cracking. When I informed the Auto Service Manager of what the receipt states he said he didn't care what the receipt states and that he's not replacing them

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