Sears Guardsman

by Joe
(Gilbert, AZ)

First let me say these tires are made in China, by Omni international, they make Radar tires, all of this is right on the sidewall. So far they're noisy, they are replacing Goodyear Nordic winter tires...I was surprised to find them rougher riding and noisier then my old snow tires. one or more has a flat spot, likely caused by improper storage, they were made the 48th week of 2013 and I purchased them Aug 9,2014 so 9 months old...the manufacturers warranty is 3 years from manufacture date.

So I get 2y 3 month warranty...that's on Sears, along with the broken hubcap, the attempt to sell me an alignment based on a print out they got from their drive over alignment checker ( the alignment figures they showed me justifying an alignment were actually in factory spec and the old tires showed no signs of misalignment...I love my 4G online anywhere). I'm a retired Fleet supervisor and have trained many a tech so not my first rodeo. This alignment sell has been a Sears sales tool since the 60's though now it's computerized...I'll hold judgement on the tires until I get a fresh set, but Sears is apparently still using the tactics the get them in court every so often...go to Walmart, I may still end up there.

I almost forget, Sears said I needed an oxygen sensor and showed me and code for O2 circuit...i asked them why the light wasn't on how did it have a code and he said it could be and old code...surprise light on when I leave. I verified the code turned off light double checked for circuit (not sensor that's a different code)to the sensor after the convertor. It's all better now. Maybe the wire fell off and they plugged it back in ...

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Jul 03, 2018
Excessive outer tread wear NEW
by: Anonymous

I have about 30k miles on my Guardsman tires from Sears. I'm on my 2nd alignment and 4th rotate, so basically all tires are equally worn. There's really no valid reason for the excessive outer tread wear since my 2003 Honda Odyssey has a fixed camber and has had 2 alignments since the tire purchase in October 2016. This is supposed to be a 50k tire. What a (not funny) joke of a tire.

May 19, 2017
Junk tires NEW
by: Andy

Junk tires .will not stay balanced and will pull your front end out of alignment.spend the extra money and get a good tire.

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