Sears Tires: Is this a Good Place to Buy Tires?

Sears Tires centers may be a great place to checkout when looking for tires. One obvious reason is that Sears has been around for over 100 years, and knows how to keep their customers happy.


So what does Sears have to offer?

Sears Tire CenterSears tire centers market strongly on tires that are manufactured only for Sears. For example, you can get super cheap 'Private Label' tires called the Guardsman Plus (P215/65R15) for about $60. These are actually manufactured by Cooper Tires. If you have owned the Guardsman Sears Tire before, please write a tire review on it. Also, while you are having your new tires installed you can walk around the department store next door.

Goodyear also makes tires exclusively for Sears, such as the WeatherHandler LS. According to Sears this tire is very quite and smooth, and very responsive as well.

We haven't yet found a sufficient amount tire reviews on this product. In addition to this tire Goodyear also manufactures the Wrangler AP/T and the Eagle TR for Sears. According to their web site, the Goodyear Eagles are their best selling tire. Of course, this is probably their most profitable tire as well since it's 'Private Label'. Read reviews on the Goodyear Eagle.

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Sears will not charge a fee to install the tire, but they will charge to balance your tires. Their fee to balance a tire varies depending on the vehicle and the size of the rim, so be sure to ask up front.

People have complained that they have gotten quotes and have been disappointed to find that balancing wasn't included in the quote.

One person put it this way, "Sears tires had an online ad for Michelin tires stating free mounting when you buy four tires. At the store they say this is not for installing. Sears' definition of mounting is to install them on the car not on the rim and balancing. What a load of ****. The charge for installing is $13 dollars per tire."

Keep in mind when dealing with GIANT stores, they are masters in marketing. At Sears, tires are big business. They'll do anything they can legally do to get you into the store, but be aware of hidden fees.

Sears sells a variety of tires from manufacturers such as Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Michelin Tires, Falken, and Continental Tires as well.


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