Smooth Sailing

by Bill
(Sheffield AL USA)

I have 40,000 miles under the "belts" of Goodyear ComforTred tires and they have many more to go. These tires are mounted on my 2004 Audi A6 FWD and they have provided wonderful service here in Alabama. My tire dealer - knowing my easy-riding style - recommended these over the Goodyear TripleTreds which I had intended to purchase and had good success with in the past.

I have never regretted the change. The tires were rotated every 5 to 6 thousand miles, the inflation checked regularly and they have been driven in a conservative manner with an emphasis on efficiency. I don't hold up traffic, mind you, as I'm not a hyper-miler, but I do my best to accelerate and decelerate gradually with a minimum of fuss and pedal activity.

This car, tire and driver combination yield 22-24 mpg in town and 29-31 on the road depending on how much the AC is used. A recent 500-mile trip to Jackson MS and back along the Natchez Trace at 55 mph yielded over 35 mpg. The ComforTreds have proven quiet, comfortable and durable. Can't imagine better than that. Great job Goodyear.

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