So much for Michelin quality and integrity

by Dave
(Mercer, PA)

I have always viewed Michelin as one of the top brands and have purposely looked for the brand on new vehicles and for aftermarket purchases. Had a set on an '03 Cad Deville that had 103k with good tread when we traded the car. Purchased replacements for a Honda Odyssey that we are still driving without problems. When we decided on a GMC Terrain for my wife's vehicle, Michelin Latitudes were one of the selling points. Now, at 31,150 miles we have serious checking (dryrot) on all four tires. Too dangerous for highway driving. I have checked with several authorized dealerships who inform me there are no recalls, credit, or other adjustments so I have no choice but to spend $800 - 1200 for new tires. One dealer actually tried to sell me a new set of Michelins!! My search for new tires Will Not include this once trusted brand.

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