Surprising Suck Factors

I have a 4Runner and owned Yokohama Geolanders, and now Cooper Discoverers. Differences between these two brands is shockingly drastic. Both sets of tires were same size and cost. I loved my Yokohamas but switched as some tire expert pointed out the slight uneven wear on my tread and said that's typical of the Yokos and go for the Coopers.

Well it didn't take long to regret this decision as these past two Colorado winters I've noticed how much more I slide around and fish tale with the Coopers when the Yokohamas stuck to snow like glue and I couldn't even pull off a donut in a parking lot. With the Coopers I slide all over the place and have to use my 4X4 option much more to get better traction. It's unbelievable the difference! And since another friend had same results with his Coopers it's really annoying to be stuck with these tires!

The tread on both tires looks very intense and perfect for SUV winter driving but I guess tread technology and engineering is very tedious and matters more than I thought with results like I've had. Another factor is I have more issues with tire pressure going down more often and find myself adding air at gas stations a lot more often then I did with the Yokos. WTF? And to top it off when I see pictures of my 4Runner with the Yokos compared to the Coopers the Yokos look much tougher, a bit bigger in appearance even at the same size, so that's the icing on the cake for SCREW COOPER

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