The best tire ever! Michelin pilot exalto a/s.

by Very pleased
(Chicago area IL)

I purchased a 2006 Subaru Forester X back in 2010 that had a new set of these installed. For a tire that's rated for 45,000 miles (215/60/16) with rotations at 5,000 miles I was able to get 80,000 on the set!! I'm a conservative driver and respect the road as well as other drivers but do a lot of driving in all types of weather and after reading reviews on this tire from people around the country I can see why everyone loves them, they perform very well on almost any car.

Michelin stopped making this tire in 2013 but I was able to find a set through a dealer which I had installed yesterday (8/21/14. Theses tires are awesome with AWD. With the Chicago winter we had early in 2014 as worn out as they were they still performed excellent!! I can only say that if you can find a set buy them you can't get better tires!!! I just wonder why a manufacturer would stop producing something that works well.

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