(Hermitage, PA )

I have a new jeep with 22,000 miles,and Latitude tourng tires on it. I have always maintained my tires properly, checking pressure each month and rotating every 5,000 while driving under normal driving conditions. One problem though, I have no tread left on my suv, while all the tires wore evenly and now look like slicks ready for the track!

I do not understand how Michelin gets away with selling these tires. They where great in the summer and bad in the winter, and can see how customers in the south rated them well, however I CANNOT see anyone with all season needs being happy. I would not recommend these tires to anyone.


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Jun 16, 2016
19,000 MI on my buick enclave and all 4 tires have all Crack lines NEW
by: Anonymous

Stop being so presumptive that someone is lying. Are you kidding me? Ppl spend their time to come and give reviews. Let it be. Here's my review and I'm pissed because I have to now spend a grans foe 4 new tires replacing tires on original factory ones. Michelin latitude

Nov 12, 2012
Something else wrong
by: Anonymous

I know you say you did all of those things but other factors would cause that to happen. It's highly unusual and to be point blank with you, I think you are highly mistaken with your tire monitoring or outright lying.

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