These tires are simply not the best tires.

by Hector
(Brandon, Florida)

I normally don't comment on merchandise unless they are REALLY BAD, and these fall under this category.

These tires came with my 2006 Nissan Maxima. They are very noisy and do not handle well on any wet surface. Yet, the tire sellers (Good Year Establishments, for example) jack the price of these tires that it just gives one a bad taste once you figure you've been had. BE AWARE AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU BUY. Do your homework not just for it's qualities (which are nothing to be desired), but also for their $$$-PRICE. By the way, since I've owned my car, I have had 2-flat tires and each one of them were non-salvageable because once the go flat they tear apart , even if it blows up on you, once you drive the car to get out of traffic and seek safety (a few meters), they will tear. Noted, I never had a problem like this at all with all the tires I've used in over 25-years. Never had tires Blow-up on me while driving and yet, I've had Two in a 2-year period.

To be somewhat fair, they do last for over 30K miles, but at the expense of NOISE, BAD WET-SURFACE HANDLING, & HIGH PRICE FOR THE QUALITY. This is my opinion based on my personal experience.

Just yesterday I had to replace 2 of these tires because one tore up on my car. Since the other tire was somewhat worn off, I was advised by Good Year to replace both. When they quoted me that replacing just 2-tires would cost almost $600, I was shocked. Of course I would not pay that much for these tires since they are just no good. Once they realized they were going to lose my business, they lowered the price to $446.43 out-the-door price. Too bad that researched this too late. Well, I had to replace at least one tire due to my car having a flat and already using the spare. Nevertheless, had I taken the time to do some research, I would have had a better buying experience.

The Good Year establishment I did business at will not get my business again. The price difference quoted (at first almost $600, and then down to $446.43) is a given that if one lets them, they will rip you off. It is so obvious in my case as you can see.

Conclusion: there are better tires than these Good Year R-SA (96-V Rated).

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