This Goodyear Eagle tire works well for me...

by Mike

I purchased a set of Goodyear Eagle GT all season tires for my BMW 328i, size 225-45-17's. Previously I had a set of summer tires and a set of winter tires. I purchased these to use year round in Oregon.

I have now owned this Goodyear Eagle tire for about 7,000 miles including fall, winter and spring driving. They have provided excellent handling in wet and dry, and acceptable traction in light snow; a very good balance for an all season tire.

I have been most impressed with their handling and traction in the rain, since it rains often here it is a big plus (seldom do I hydroplane)! Prior to buying them I read a few online tire reviews reviews from others that said gas mileage was negatively affected. I really didn’t believe them, but unfortunately I saw similar results of 2-3 miles per gallon drop vs. my older tires. Maybe it is the very aggressive tread on the tire and as they wear the mileage improves, at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

Goodyear Eagle GT’s seem to be wearing OK; I’m projecting 30,000 miles based on wear so far. But I do drive over twisty mountain roads every day to work so I do give them a work out. For the price they have been a very good tire. I would definitely purchase them again.

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