tire cords pulling

by Harold
(Homedale, Idaho Owyhee 83628)

Bought a new chevy Impala with goodyear eagles,ls, 17 in. wheels. The tires started to shake the car, had tires rebalanced, ok for a few thousand miles then started to shake again, this happened over and over again and again, had a four wheel alignment still no cure had factory check the car out and the car met all factory spec.

Put on a new set of Michelins and it took care of the shaking, goodyear would not warranty these tires that had 6/32nds rubber left on them. 65000 mile tires with 37000 miles driven, they did tell me they would give me a credit of $120.00 on the next set of goodyear tire I buy which is the norm if you buy a new set using there credit card.

I have been a goodyear buyer since 1967, BUT NOT ANYMORE, I have switched over to MICHELINS about the same price with a 90000 mile warranty. Read this stuff before buying tires, I should have.

Thanks for reading my thoughts Harold. Want more info. My truck has goodyears and has the same problem e-mail me at jackson03harold@gmail.com For more info.

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