Unacceptable crap

These things were supplied on my new 2016 Camry XLE. Wife is in rebellion and saying no more Camry after 10 of them over 30 years. They would be fine if your primary highway usage is on nice smooth surfaces like asphalt. We, however, have miles of highway topped with tar and gravel (oil and chips) and the roar is unbearable. We know this because the state re-did a short section with a fresh bridge and smooth asphalt for a half mile or more. The difference is shocking when you hit the asphalt and quiet! While I do expect more from a car, the noise is most obviously from the Primacy MXV4 tires.

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Oct 13, 2016
Bridgestone Turanza 400 tires NEW
by: Jim

These tires are absolute crap even on wet roads and are rated unsuitable on ice yet they have a M+S rating as supplied on my new Camry. need to be replaced before any freezing temperatures.

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