Unhappy with CS 4 tire performance in snow

We purchased Cooper CS 4 tires this past summer for our 2002 Ford Taurus. The tires worked great on wet and dry roads through summer and fall. Winter driving and more importantly stopping on a snowy road has proven to be a challenge.

My job requires me to drive all over each day to different towns and through the city in which I work. I have always felt confident with the performance of the Taurus in the snow, as I have had this car for 11 years. This is the first winter that I feel very unsure about taking the car out when it snows.

During the last snow storm, I found that the car skidded frequently when I applied the brakes. The car also readily skids when I try to pull out of my street or any other incline. As I previously mentioned, we have owned this car for many years and have had other tires which have performed much better.

My husband and I will be purchasing alternative tires within the next few days so that winter driving will not be so challenging. I am very disappointed that we spent the money on tires which were supposed to be good in all seasons. We will do more research the next time we purchase tires.

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Feb 02, 2014
CS4 are winters worst! NEW
by: Anonymous

The Cooper CS4 tires are the absolute worst on snow. Have lived at the current residence for 24 years without problems navigating our driveway.
This winter on the CS4 tires I am having troubles
climbing our gradual sloped driveway. A mere 2 inches of snow will bring me to a halt. Meanwhile my wife marches right up the drive on Cooper's competitors tires! Not only that but her
tires will pull her through 6 inches of snow on this driveway (both cars are the same model). Tires do no better stopping on snow!

Jan 31, 2014
Agree with poor winter traction NEW
by: Matthias

I have experienced the same problems, see my review on this site. I am extremely nervous trying to drive in the snow, slush, or ice with Cooper CS4's as they slide so much.

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