Unsafe at 14,900 miles.

by Mike Stephens
(Savannah, Ga.)

These Goodyear Eagle Ranger RSA tires came stock (0 miles) on my wife's 2009 Mazda 3. At 14,900 miles, while having my oil changed, the technician called me out to the service bay and pointed out the fact that the tires were dryrotting and all had flat spots in them. This after only 14,900 miles of "lady driven" use.

I checked with the Goodyear dealer in my immediate area and he informed me that Goodyear does not have a treadwear warranty on this "class" of tire. In my owner's manual and paperwork it states that I'm supposed to have TOYO Tires under the chassis, and the TOYO tires that are supposed to be on the car are warrenteed for 60 months. GEEEEE ......do ya think the Dealer removed the TOYO tires when he received the vehicle from the Mfr., and replaced the good tires with the crappy Eagles, and put the TOYOS in stock inventory to sell to customers at the dealership as replacement tires at an INFLATED price? Naaaaah, they wouldn't do a thing like that would they!!!!!!!!!!?


M. Stephens, Savannah, Ga.

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