VERY disappointed

I purchased a new 2012 Chevy Equinox in November of 2011. They came with Michelin Latitude tires. Aside from several out of town trips and driving to work and back ( I live in a small town), my car is garaged. I have a little under 28,500 miles on my vehicle. About a month ago I had a low tire and went to get it checked at Discount Tire. They said I did have something in the tire, but refused to fix it because my tire was so dry rotted that they thought they might ruin it.

So, my husband took it to the dealership. He did get it fixed there. They looked at all the tires and said they were all dry rotted. Really? With that small amount of miles, how could that happen? Sounds like a manufacturer defect to me and that they should all be covered to have new tires put on. My vehicle is still under warranty. Well that could not be farther from the truth. My dealership contacted the GM rep and "went to bat for me" (their words) and the rep said they could replace my tires, but I would have to pay the pro-rata amount. The service manager didn't think it would be too much, but in the end they wanted to charge me $500.20 to replace my tires. disappointed do you think I was? Since they really didn't seem to want to work with me, why would I want to put that same type of tires on my vehicle? I chose not to do that and went ahead and bought new tires with a 4 year full coverage warranty from Discount Tire. I am very pleased with them and know they will have my back if anything should go wrong because they have done that for us in the past.

Sorry Michelin, but my situation could have been handled A LOT more professionally by you. Won't ever buy Michelin tires again.

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