Very noisy!

by Bryan
(Nashville, Tn)

First of all my background; I am a customer service consultant at a well respected Cadillac dealership. I maintain my car with the utmost care, with respect to the tires I maintain the correct tire pressure and rotate then every 5,000 miles.
I bought a new 2013 Honda Accord with the Goodyear RSA LS2 tires on it. They began getting noisy around 12,000 miles. I now have almost 30,000 miles and they are roaring. I have plenty of tread left (approximately 7/32") and the tires are wearing evenly across the tread however the tread blocks are choppy. Now, I know Goofyear would blame the alignment but the same tire is installed on the Cadillac XTS and the same problem occurs with that model too. I see at least on a week, so I'm not surprised, I somewhat expected this problem.
I may have to replace the RSA's before they wear out because of the noise. For what it's worth, we don't have this problem with the Michelin on the Cadillac. I would never buy a Goofyear outright and if I had noticed them on my new car before I signed the papers I would have negotiated a swap.

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Jun 06, 2019
RS-A vibration
by: 2016 XTS

2016 XTS 10,000 miles. Whole car vibrates from 45-75+ mph. Feel it in the floor, steering wheel and seat. Tires were road force balanced, and finally all 4 replaced. Still vibrates. Threads on cadillac owners forum suggest there are many instances of these tires being out of round. Replacing with a different brand seems to be the only solution.

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