Very poor winter traction with CS4

by Matthias

I wholeheartedly disagree with claims that the Cooper CS4's have good winter traction. Consumer Reports also disagrees.

I replaced the OEM Bridgestone tires on my 2008 Honda Civic Sedan with Cooper CS4's due to poor winter traction. When that set was getting worn, I replaced again with the CS4's. I have had HORRIBLE winter traction with them, on snow, packed snow, ice, and slush. I slide all over the place, and everyone passes me on the road. I just can't get traction. I have not had this poor of winter traction in all other tires I've used in my life. I have driven with them (2 sets) for 5 winters in Michigan. The other night we went to dinner and my wife noted again how poor the traction was as we slid through an intersection at low speed, while the ABS was fully engaged.

I got fed up this winter, which is even worse, and I changed to Michelin Defender tires. They are MUCH better at grip on loose snow, packed snow, slush, and ice. I can stop before intersections, I am able to drive a bit faster on the highway, and am more able to get up our inclined driveway now as well as up the inclined turns off of highway off-ramps. The Defender has more tread siping and seems to not get so packed with snow.

If you live in a northern, snowy climate I would *NOT* recommend the CS4's. In dry weather and rain, though, they seemed to perform adequately. I only bought the CS4's because it was a local shop that I like to use, and they only carried that company's tires.

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