Vibration and Wearing out Lexus LS400

by Mike
(Flint Mi)

They had an initial imbalance that could not be cured. I've replaced the front components on the car and still have a vibe I can't get rid of. They are also wearing out quickly.

I like my other Cooper(Discoverer AT3 for Tahoe) tires but not these. They seem to get worse as they warm up. In reading about their construction I found they use a unique method that changes as the temperature of the tire changes. I think this may be where the problems originate. Now I've found out that Cooper discontinued them......

Quote from Cooper:
"The CS4 is the first tire designed using Cooper's new R-Tech (Response Technology) construction. R-Tech's features include strategically placed, variable density nylon belts designed to minimize flat spotting and maximize even tread wear and a special nylon wrap that shrinks under heat to improve rigidity and dry traction. The tread design also features a wide tread arch, an open shoulder design, and wide grooves aimed at improving wet traction.."

Read more:
Even though they spent a fortune and millions of miles testing something seems to have gone wrong.
I'd like an explanation from Cooper and a discount on another set of tires!!

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