by BobC

Bought 4 back in late 2012

Paid extra for road hazard & lifetime balancing.

At time of purchase had aprox 45k on the vehicle. Had front end checked & aligned around the same time. Only toe needed slight adjustment.

Only have about 10,000 miles on them as of 7-2016
Most mileage is hiway travel to Florida & back once a yr. Have NEVER been able to balance even after 6+ attempts. 3 tires required replacement within first 3 mos. And still they squirm & bounce after warming up. My original purchase was for tire date codes of 2011.Somehow, they managed to put on a 2009 replacement. That tire was 3 yrs old when they "fixed" the problem.

Neither Walmart nor Goodyear are willing to deal with this. So much for my trust & loyalty for either one. By the way Walmart & Goodyear, I operate a small fleet of vehicles & generally used a Goodyear product. You can now both watch as my money goes somewhere else & never buys another Goodyear product...branded or otherwise.


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Mar 07, 2017
Goodyear shops NEW
by: Jeff

Went into a Goodyear run tire shop etc for an oil change that stated free tire rotation. After an hour of waiting the service rep came to me and told me they were not going to do the rotation as one tire a slightly worn. I called Goodyear to complain that if they didn't do the rotation, they should have reduced the oil change price. I know now it was all bullshit by them saying free rotation just to get your ass in the door. I will never go to a Goodyear shop or by Goodyear tires as they suck from many reviews! Buyer beware.

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