Walmart Tire Tool is Inaccurate

by BobinBoynton
(Boynton Beach, FL. )

I purchased 2 Tires for a Volvo C70 and 4 Tires for a Chevrolet Impala. While Wal-mart tells you to pick them up in the Tire and Lube Department, that is a lie. You must pick them up at the Online Order Department and then haul them over to the Automotive Department. Once you get there you learn that the Online Tool for determining which tire you need is inaccurate and they are not willing to install any of the tires even though the ones purchased match the size and speed ratings that both vehicles have had for the past 45,000 miles.
They then instruct you you can return them back at the Online Department and once you get there you find out they must be returned to the Customer Service Department. After lugging all of these tires around you wait for app. 30 minutes for a Supervisor to approve the return.
I would strongly advise NOT to use the online tool that Wal-Mart offers and instead go to a "Reputable" tire dealer and buy them there directly and save your self all the aggravation of Wal-Mart employees.

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