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Walmart tires can be a fantastic value, and knowing what to expect from this giant super-store will make your buying experience a good one. Plus, with over 2,400 locations it is a convenient place to buy tires. Getting the best tire price can be great, but be aware of the quality. See customer experiences at the bottom of this page.

When you go to Walmart be sure to ask them about the quality of their 'branded' tires (such as those by Goodyear).

It has been said that Goodyear's branded tires for Walmart and Sears are of slightly less quality. Nevertheless, Walmart does sell many of the best tires, and their tire center also performs minor services such as oil changes, lube services, etc.


Walmart makes it easy to buy tires online.

Their online tools quickly help you identify tires they sell that fit your car. Their 'Shop Tires' link lets you quickly drill into the tire size you're looking for. See our tire ratings page for information on tire sizes.

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When buying tires online...

You can have your new tires scheduled to be waiting for you at any Walmart tire and lube. If your new tires need to be shipped to their tire centers there is no additional charge to you. That's pretty nice. It is however noted on their site that tire pricing changes frequently. They tell you to print and bring your receipt in with you. We have not seen any reports of Walmart giving a customer problems, but it's a good idea print and bring the information.


A Final note on buying tires online at Walmart. They state that it could take 7-10 business days for your tires to be ready. If you need tires today, then buying online may not be your best option. It's still nice to check out their web site. They have a lot of good information on buying tires.


Walmart promotes these tires:

Goodyear Tracker 2 Uniroyal
Goodyear Fortera TripleTred Douglas tires
Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor  
Michelin LTX (M/S and AT2)  
BF Goodrich All Terrain TA  

Walmart offers a 'Road Hazard Warranty' at $10 per tire

This covers damage to the tire from road hazards and flat repairs. See the Walmart Tire Center site for more details.

So what are people saying about their experience with buying Walmart tires?

One of the big complaints is the amount of time it takes to have the tires installed. Some have stated it took as long as 3 hours. That's fine if you know what to expect. I would suggest that you be prepared to wait.

One Walmart customer recently had a bad experience with the warranty. Evidently they can be quite strict on what caused the damage. Walmart's profit margin is very tight so they're not going to give in too easily. This woman stated that she would have to go back to the Walmart Tire center where she made the purchase. Be sure and ask for details before throwing down $10 per tire.

Be aware of what is being said about Goodyear Tracker 2 tires sold at Walmart. One reviewer stated that after 30,000 miles the tires were worn out. Sadly, this customer didn't get satisfaction from these Walmart tires. The manager offered only to give a 40% discount on another set of the exact same tires.

As stated above, Walmart has a narrow profit margin. Don't expect them to give in easily on claims, and get the fine details on when a tire is and is not covered under warranty.

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