Walmart Tires

by Mr SeaWolf
(Northern Virginia )

I just want to offer this information about Walmart tire service centers.
Some of their tire centers have a program called "Tires On Demand". This program allows them to order a specific tire for you and often times have it delivered to their store the same day if not the next day. My experience has shown me that these prices are sometimes $5 to $10 more than their online prices. However though, you can request their "Price Match" policy. You might wonder how could they sell a tire for more than their online price. Well, trust me that associate at the counter has no idea of the online price. The bigger question is how does this happen anyway.. I can't answer that one and never had to persue that delenma because they have always honored their price match policy. That's my experience.. I get my German brand tires from Walmart and no one comes close to their price. I just don't trust them to install them because of necessary programming needed for the TPMS and also because they don't have state of the art mounting and balancing equipment. They also, don't offer nitrogen..

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