What A Joke For a High Dollar Tire

by Ronnie
(Durant, Okla)

We just bought a 2013 Cadillac ATS With MXM4 run flat tires on it. We have done had to replace one because of it opening up on the side. We went this morning because one had a slow leak in it, and we were informed you could not patch these tires. This is a complete joke as they sell for over 250 a piece. We cannot buy a new tire every time we get a small leak in one of them. You would think the company would be aware of these problems and get them fixed. Need less to say we will be buying a different brand when we have to replace all 4 of these. We are going to be lucky if we get 10K miles out of these. If I had been aware of all this when we bought the car, we would not have bought it. I hope they can come up with a fix for these before every one goes broke. Really Put Out !!!

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