Worse Tires Ever!

by Robert
(Whitehall, PA USA)

Tires are on OE on an 09 Fusion FWD. From the start, the tires have had poor traction on take off.

The tires have always had proper inflation and rotation every 10k, currently have 37k. They have worn even, noise is acceptable for low profiles but traction is absolutely horrible and dangerous. I don't believe these tires should even be on the market.

On the plus side, the Goodyear RSA's have worn even and are fair in dry weather with the exception of take off, especially with the tires turned. They are predictable, predictable in that in any weather other than dry, you will hydroplane and lose traction in the corners.

In all my years driving, 24, I have owned just about every brand and type of tire, these are the worse tires I have ever driven on.

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