Worst Tire ever on a car I've owned!

by Mike L.
(North Wales Pennsylvania )

A lot of people comment that the traction was horrible I really don't think I can comment fairly on that topic as my vehicle is all wheel drive, however these tires came from the factory on my 2012 Lincoln MKT.

With just 25,000 miles on the clock all four tires had belts that shifted and were out of round. The vibration was so violent I couldn't even drive the car anymore. The Lincoln dealership told me they don't warranty the tires in the bumper to bumper warranty they suggested I go to a good year retailer. I did and they told me Goodyear Eagle rs-a is a 0 mileage Tire they don't come with a warranty from the factory (GoodYear) so I was SOL. And they still had 8/32 tread remaining.

The vibration became so horrible that the car was no longer drivable I finally contacted Lincoln and said... yo, somebody has to be held responsible for these tires ... are you telling me I purchased a 60K car with no warranty on the tires from the factory? Lincoln came through and replaced the tires with Michelin Pilot as3's, and that solved all my issues. Moral of the story these good years are absolute junk, get Michelins!

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