XC-LT4, a great tire for my small truck

by Steve

The Michelin XC-LT4 tires are some of the best tires I have ever had. I have had two sets of these on two different light trucks and got 80,000 miles out of the first set, and am at about 68,000 miles on the second set. In both cases these were an immediate and dramatic improvement over the OEM tires. They handle fine. They have a great, soft ride.

The greatest feature here is that these really hold the road. These immediately overcame the problem of the light weightedness of my truck (back wheels). My current set has been on now for eight years, and they have made the pickup a pleasure to drive. I do not know what they cost now since I bought the last set 8 years ago, but whatever they cost I will be looking for them again, but not for a while as the current set still has plenty of tread.

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