X-Radial DT Noisy at 35,000 miles

by James Nelson
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I expected the Michelin X-Radial DT (P225/60R 17 98T) tires to be the last tires I would need to buy for my '08 Sienna, and they have been great tires up until the noise issue. I bought the tires in 9/11 at 26,000 miles on the car and as of 7/16 have 60,000 miles on the car. That's 34,000 miles in less than 5 years. Over the last 1000 miles the road noise started and has gotten progressively worse. The tires went from no noticeable noise to a constant groaning. I've been very diligent about maintaining air pressure and rotating the tires. I had the tires rotated to see if it made any difference and it did not. I cannot drive with this noise and will need to replace the 80,000 mile warranty tires at less than half expected life, which essentially doubles the cost of the tires. I am willing to pay a premium price for a premium tire, but in the end this is not a premium tire.

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