XRV Tires AND support are working for me

by Frank S
(Columbus, OH)

Michelin XRV 255/80R22.5
Two in front and duals in the rear, 40' Class A Diesel Pusher, towing a Jeep Wrangler

Light RVing, 35,000 on the tires, but they are now 6 years old. I had one tire "bubble out", starting as a quarter-sized lump, and over 200 miles turned into a bulge from the rim to the tread. Had it replaced, and was given pro-rated cost as it only had 9500 miles on it. The Michelin support rep I spoke with not only got the replacement located, but also made the warranty quite real as the tire cost more to put on than it did to buy it....I think it was only $40-50!!! Cant think of any reason to buy a different brand. Hopefully the local shops in town show such courtesy and honesty in their dealings, as I want a professional examination of my tires before I replace them. Tread wear is excellent, but I have a little concern with dry-rot.....due to their age.

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